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Exciting Announcement From Health Pyramid Chiropractic!

Health Pyramid is excited to welcome Dr. Justin Scott and Dr. Jared Scott from Next Level Spine and Sports Injury Center as a part of our chiropractic team!


Limited Time Offers Available April 1st-5th 

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What does this mean to you?

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Current Health Pyramid Patients

Dr. Kath will continue to be available to offer the same great care you have come to trust. Check out her new website by clicking HERE.

You will now have access to Dr. Justin Scott and Dr. Jared Scott who specialize in the treatment of musculoskeletal pain and injury with added services including Active Release Technique, Spinal Decompression, Injury Risk Assessments, Neuromuscular massage and many more. 

We will continue to be In-Network with and accept both UPMC and Highmark health insurance as well as offer competitive self-pay options. 

New Patients

If you are new to Health Pyramid & Next Level, we are excited to meet you! You will have access to our entire team and the most well-rounded, effective care available!

About Us

Chiropractic Care

High Quality Chiropractic Care Natrona Heights Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Sports Injury Center Pain Man

At Health Pyramid and Next Level we pride ourselves in using  the best evidence-based chiropractic care available.  Using the highest level of care, Next Level Spine and Sports Injury Center will use customized plans to personally care for your needs.  These will include various musculoskeletal techniques including: Active Release Technique, Graston, Nueromuscular Massage, Manipulations, and more!   We utilize a variety of soft tissue and spinal manipulation techniques to get you feeling your best!


We are in Network with both UPMC and Highmark health plans and also offer affordable,  self-pay options. 


Premier Massage and Bodywork, Sports and Orthopedic Massage Available Cash Based Payment Relaxing Na

Feel better with one of our Massage Therapists! We currently have three massage therapists on staff who specialize in orthopedic and sports massage.  They will get you feeling your best with their customized massage options!  Call today for more information on massage. 

Limited Time only! 

Massage Specials Coming Soon

Performance Mobility Assessments

Performance Mobility Athletic Assessment. Move Better Faster. Injury Prevention. Natrona Heights Pen

If you are interested in moving better and preventing injury we can help.  Next Level Spine and Sports has developed a highly effective system for assessing mobility and correcting dysfunction. Whether you are a weekend warrior or seasoned athlete this is a great option to keep you on your feet.  

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